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Vanquish Yachts

Distinctive & Individual

Forget tradition… Stand out from the crowd with your new Vanquish sports boat. These top end performance motor boats are hand-built in the Netherlands by top quality craftsmen using superior materials and super high-tech manufacturing techniques.

Build the boat you want… Each boat is unique and individually crafted from light-weight seaworthy aluminium especially for you. Customise it to suit your lifestyle. Fancy a glass bottom? No worries. Want a revolving dance floor? Go for it!

You decide.


Designed for Style & Speed

Some things remain the same on all the models… like the ingenious hull design.

This clever invention means lower fuel consumption, faster acceleration and you can go further afield.

These are also fun boats to drive…The super high-tech engineering allows you to slice through the water at top speeds and enjoy awesome agility and manoeuvrability while out on the water.

All this while you enjoy superior comfort onboard. You can experience a thrilling ride without getting wet, perfect as you rock up to your lunch date on the harbour.

About Vanquish Yachts

“Vanquish Yachts creates boats for people who share our love of style, design, driving fun, great manoeuvrability and speed.”

These are the words of Vanquish Yachts founder, Tom Steentjes , a Dutchman with a passion for doing things differently. The company was set up in 2012 and is already breaking boundaries in the motor boat world.

There’s something for everyone…The current Vanquish Yachts range from the VQ 15 at 4.76 metres, dubbed a ‘go-kart on water’ to the VQ 90, a 27 metre  ‘super yacht’ that oozes style and sophistication.

Are you ready to stand out and have fun? Let’s chat.




New Vanquish Magazine

The Vanquish magazine is a great read… and full of stunning images of these incredible boats.

CEO Tom Steentjes, a Dutchman with a passion for doing things differently, is making no exception here with such a high quality magazine.

Take a look here